Whizeva is an integrated software system that is suitable for small, medium, and big corporation. It can be used in:

  • Hotel
  • Manufacturer, workshop, etc
  • Restaurant, Cafe, Food stall, etc.
  • Mini market, supermarket, hypermarket, etc.
  • Trading company (Retailer or Wholesaler).
  • etc

Whizeva has the following modules and features:

  • Accounting (General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Financial Statements, etc)
  • Inventory
  • Procurement (Purchasing)
  • Sales
  • Point of Sales (POS) for retailer and restaurant
  • Manufacturing (Production)
  • Human Resource (HR) and Payroll
  • Hotel Management System
  • Physical Inventory process
  • Customer Point Reward
  • Membership Program
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Supports multiple warehouses
  • Supports multiple unit of measurements and its direct conversion to default unit
  • Supports multiple pricing scheme
  • Supports multi-lingual user interfaces (Currently supports English and Bahasa Indonesia)
  • Supports Linux and MS-Windows Operating System
  • Back Up and Restore data
  • Supports software automatic update thru Internet
  • System can be accessed thru Internet (You can view your report from anywhere)
  • Supports multi-user environment (Each user can be assigned different access level)
  • Scheduler system for repetitive tasks automation
  • To Do List and reminder system

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We are specializing in Software Development, IT Consultancy and Training. Our experienced IT Consultants will be very happy to provide the right solution for your business. We can help you to maximize your profit and increase your efficiency by providing the following products and services:

  • Provides consultancy services in the area of: system security, network architecture, database design and system development.
  • Analyzes the business requirements and develops the solutions.
  • Implements the business solutions into a robust, easy to use and customizable software applications.
  • Develops the right tools and right software to be utilized in your business.
  • Trains your staffs to maximize their potentials.

We have developed a software platform that enables businesses to choose only the modules that they need. Thus, it will significantly lower the cost for deploying the system into your business. Our software platform can be run on any major Operating Systems and Database Systems. Therefore, it will give the business high degree of freedom to choose their hardware and software (Operating System and Database System) and it can be easily migrated from one platform to another platform.

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Our client, PT CJDW, one of the most successful MLM companies in Indonesia that produces Oxy Drinking Water, has been successfully improved their business performance by employing our state of the art software and technology that is specially developed by us to address their needs. Our software and technology can significantly reduce the time required to process their data from a few days (using the old software) to less than 1 hour (using our software) for the same amount of data. As the result of our system performance, we received the trust from the client to develop their whole system that will be an integrated system that covers all of their business processes. The integrated system will include the following modules:

  • Specialized MLM module
  • Customized Sales module
  • Customized POS (Point of Sales) terminal module that will be used by their stockiest/agents
  • Accounting module
  • Human Resource and Payroll module
  • Production module
  • Purchasing module